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Professional and Proficient


Lights out machining, reducing lead times, and improving consistency and quality.

Our Vision.

At Abtech Precision, our core mission is to provide our valued customers with precision components that not only meet but consistently surpass industry-leading quality standards, all at a competitive price point and with the shortest possible lead times.

Our unwavering commitment to achieving this mission is reinforced by ongoing investments in cutting-edge machinery and state-of-the-art automation solutions. These investments empower us to continuously enhance our production processes, ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and precision.

The outcome is clear: Abtech Precision delivers superior machined components that not only meet stringent quality benchmarks but also come at a highly competitive price. Our dedication to operational excellence ensures that even for small-batch orders, you can expect top-tier quality without experiencing undue price increases.

At Abtech Precision, we aim to be your trusted partner in precision manufacturing, consistently offering quality, affordability, and prompt delivery as our standard practice.


Every one of our precision components is accompanied by a comprehensive in-process inspection report, ensuring the highest quality and performance.

These reports are available in two formats:

1.           Manual Reports: Our skilled machinists conduct regular checks during the machining process and document their findings in a detailed manual report. This hands-on approach guarantees meticulous attention to every detail.

2.           Automated Reports: For swift and precise results, we also offer automated reports directly generated from the probing data collected by our advanced machinery. This cutting-edge technology provides real-time insights into the production process.

Moreover, we take pride in our commitment to full traceability. All our materials and machining processes can be traced back to their source batch through our robust job tracking system. This not only ensures quality but also allows for rapid identification and resolution of any potential issues.

At Abtech Precision, our dedication to precision and accountability is the cornerstone of our service.

Our Services.

CNC Machining | CNC Profiling | Welding | Assemblies

At Abtech Precision, we specialize in a comprehensive range of services:

CNC Machining:
We excel in precision CNC machining, offering components crafted from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, plastic, and more. Our expertise allows us to tailor our machining to meet the unique needs of our customers.

CNC Profiling:
Our CNC profiling services ensure accurate and efficient shaping of materials, guaranteeing the exact specifications you require for your projects.

With our skilled welders and advanced equipment, we provide reliable and high-quality welding services, enabling the fabrication of robust and durable components.

Abtech Precision is your trusted partner for assembling components. 

We take pride in delivering precision, quality, and versatility to meet your specific requirements. Choose Abtech Precision for all your machining and fabrication needs.

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